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August 25, 2018
The Gathering Barn

The Gathering Barn

I have approached blogging this summer much like the teacher I am.....I took the summer off! Well, kinda. I have spent almost every day, all day, working on the grounds or the barn and truthfully I was always way too tired to sit down and blog about our progress. Curtis also spent every spare moment that he wasn't lawyering, working on the yard and in the barn, sometimes managing both at the same time.

We knew the barn would be our focus this summer, we just didn't know the pressure we would feel. That is until Curtis told our friends the Eriksons, that we would be ready to host their son's wedding luncheon and reception on August 18th. That seemed completely impossible! But once we had made this commitment, we enlisted the help of every willing family member, hungry college kid, neighbor, neighborhood kid, and friend. We couldn't have done it so quickly without everyone's help. Somedays we wanted to cry, mostly when it was just the two of us. But even with the pressure, stress, and backbreaking work, we can say we still LOVED every bit of the process. And most of all, we can say that we are completely thrilled with the results. Of course there are lots of final touches we will continue to make, probably for a long time.  

Treasure Trove

Throughout this project, we had many occasion to ponder on the former occupants; not just horses, cows, and chickens, but the tough as nails pioneer families that settled this desert valley. To them, this barn was key to their survival. I imagine it not only sheltered livestock and feed, but valuable equipment, food storage, seed for future crops, and many other vital items critical to their existence.

Almost everyday we would find a piece of history buried in the walls or dirt that shared a little bit more of their story. We saved every piece in a collection we call "The Treasure Trove." Someday, I think this will make a pretty cool piece of art.

We finished the last necessary details at about 3 AM the morning of August 18th!

I think the best way to share our journey is through our photos, before, during and after. When the lovely Leah Stallings gets her littles back in school, I will have her take more of her beautiful photographs.

Please comment below with any question about product, materials, or design. We are happy to share what we have learned!

The Barn is now part of our story and we a part of it's history.

The Front...

Interior Back Wall...

Exterior East Side.....

Exterior West Side...

West Side Interior...

East Side Interior, where the livestock once lived...

Looking Back

I snapped this picture in April of 2017, just before we closed on Pheasant Run. What an amazing year it has been! I sure love this man, AND his great vision and ambition.


I want to pay tribute to this sweet man, David W. Smith (DW Dad) who enjoyed watching over much of the barn project. In his day, he was a master craftsman who patiently taught Curtis and his brother, Kellan, his foundation of all things carpentry and construction. Over the years, DW Dad and I have worked on many home improvement projects together, while Curtis was at work. I will always treasure those times we spent together. We all love him dearly and are so grateful for his quiet example of hard work, compassion and kindness, in addition to his mad carpentry skills. Love you Dad!

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