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February 20, 2019

Sweet Sixteen

On December 31st, our baby girl turned 16! It doesn't seem possible, but the gray hair and wrinkles tell me it's true. For her birthday gift, she asked if we could please, finally, finish her bedroom.

Time out for a little mama nostalgia.

This was her first room in our Westmoreland home. She is our fourth child and was our FIRST and only girl. The quote over her crib says "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess". She has always been, and will always be our princess!

When we first moved out to Pheasant Run, almost two years ago, we put a fresh coat of paint and refinished her hardwood floors before moving her in. Curtis had even put new molding and tile around her fireplace, and we had updated the recessed lighting and ceiling fan. But as far as any kind of theme or decorations, we have just been too preoccupied with other projects.

This is the only "before" picture I can find. However, when we bought the house the trim was a dark stained wood and the walls were chalky white.

Little Miss and I agreed on a neutral color scheme with rose gold accents. It is definitely an upgrade from the bubblegum pink of her first room.  But other than that, Curtis and I wanted the rest to be a surprise. I got busy finding bedding, furniture, rugs, drapes, and decorations, while Curtis worked on the shiplap feature wall and floating shelf above her fireplace.

Like most teenage girls, our daughter spends a lot of time in her room and is usually lounging in her bed. That IS, when she is actually home! She wanted it to be extra cozy so I shopped for every kind of soft, fluffy, fuzzy, and warm bedding and pillows for her bed. She also wanted to maximize her floor space for "hanging out" by the fire with her girlfriends, so we ran her queen size bed lengthwise against the feature wall.  

For this shiplap wall, Curtis made another trip to St. Anthony to visit Spencer at Rustic Lumber Company. He bought enough blue pine for Addi's room as well as the front room fireplace, which I will feature in my next post. For this wall, he used three different antiquing stains and a white lacquer to achieve the different variations of color.

I bought the large mirror at a TJ Maxx Home store last year, hoping I could get her to go along with the vibe I had envisioned for her room. Nearly everything else came from my local Ross, TJ Maxx, Real Deals, Tuesday Morning, and Hobby Lobby.

Seeing her reaction was so worth our efforts.

Happy Sweet Sixteen and Sweet Dreams Little Miss!

Photo credit Leah Stalling Photography

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