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October 9, 2018

Shower in the Barn

Since August, we have had a wedding, a barn dance, an evening recognizing the accomplishments of 20 young women, a gathering of local lawyers and judges, and a baby shower in the Gathering Barn. Every event was wonderful and unique in the decorations, refreshments, music, and guests. From Country music, chocolate milk, and donuts, to pizza, pumpkin bars and apple cider. It has been incredible to share our historic barn with so many!

The baby shower is the event I'm excited to highlight in this post. It was hosted by Alyson Natoni who owns Elevation Floating Fitness Studio, for one of her instructors and dear friend, Sadie Grusin. I have enjoyed aerial yoga with these ladies for a few years and jumped at the chance to help celebrate the upcoming birth of Sadie's baby girl!

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Last spring I attended a graduation brunch on the front lawn of my good friend Stephanie Rose for her daughter Chloe. Steph has the most beautiful style in everything she does, from her many historic home rehabs to her entertaining flare. I don't know anyone who tends to the details more than Steph! It was at this brunch that a fire was sparked in me to collect beautiful antique china, glassware, and linens. I learned from Steph's example that it is beautifully eclectic to have a random assortment of mismatched china and linens. I'm sure she doesn't even know that I took the photo below.

At Steph's brunch, I also saw for the first time a "Bussing Station". Such a fantastic concept! Steph is the ultimate environmentalist and I have never known her to use paper products or to be anything but 100% Green. I also found that people are happy to clear their own plates and have a part in a grownup tea party.

The bussing station was such a new concept for me, that I felt the need to make a sign for it at Sadie's shower. Probably overkill, but I couldn't be the only one that this was new to, right?

Well, needless to say, that very day of Chloe's grad brunch, I started hitting thrift stores and garage sales to begin my own collection of china, glass goblets, and table linens. I set a $1 limit per piece and didn't buy any tea cups or saucers, only dessert plates and larger. It has become my new favorite obsession and when Alyson asked to rent the Gathering Barn for Sadie's baby shower, I was ecstatic to have the perfect first use for my growing collection!

This beautiful Mama-to-be was showered with sincere love and thoughtful gifts and the Gathering Barn was the perfect backdrop to her once in a lifetime event!  

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. George Sand

Namaste Sweet Sadie

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