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April 13, 2018

Hall of Joy

Nothing brings me more joy than FAMILY. Surrounding myself with photographs of my family not only brings me joy, but helps me feel connected to them when we're apart. However, maintaining a Modern Farmhouse design, which is generally more minimalist and clean, poses a real challenge for those of us that have dozens of random photographs that we want to prominently display.

My desire to display lots of photos of my family became the remedy for a long hallway that had two awkward art niches and imposing overhead cable lighting. It's difficult to see in the photo, but the ceilings are vaulted to the second floor, and you can look down to this hallway from the library.

Because we didn't possess any art that would display nicely in a 1'x 4' niche, and we couldn't even think of any such art, these holes had to go. And, continuing the theme of no cable lights, they had to go too.  

With the removal of the cable lighting, the hallway had no light other than the indirect light coming from the kitchen, foyer or upstairs. We chose to add three sconces along the wall, so as to provide downlighting, without lighting the upstairs as well. Ultimately, we chose single arm sconces in oil rubbed bronze with Edison bulbs, all by Birch Lane.

We wasted no time tearing out the art niches, and then wiring for the sconces. Fortunately, we know the best drywaller (autocorrect tells me that's not a word) in the business. Mac McAfee, owner of Imperial Drywall, has been a friend of the family for many years. Just three months earlier, he had finished the downstairs remodel of our Westmoreland home. He has years of practical experience in construction and great creative vision. He also helped us brainstorm various perplexing issues with the house. Not to mention, he is a perfectionist!

Once the walls were completed and the fixtures were installed, I had to determine just how this Hall of Joy would look. Patiently waiting for Walgreens Photo to run a 50% off promotion, which happens quite frequently, I lovingly chose some favorite photos of my family to be printed on canvas. Some of the photos were taken by professionals, some were snapshots, and some were taken by good friends of our youngest son, Alex. All elicit warm memories and a sense of pride and joy!

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”
— Anonymous​

Photo credits: Leah Stallings Photography, Emily Gibby of elovephotos, Kelsie Gardels, Nathan Browne, and Madalyn Smith.

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