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July 16, 2018

Best of Summer

We have been enjoying the most beautiful Idaho summer!

I love the intense sunny days and the cool, starry nights.

My flowers are finally taking off and we've tamed several wild, overgrown beds with weed barrier and landscape rocks. Curtis built a new corral for Beatrice and Matilda and continues to make great progress on the barn. There's always work to do, but we sure enjoy being outside. Our grandson, Wren, is especially fond of being outside and is SO enamored with the goats.

Pizza Night Giveaway

Last Friday night was our pizza party for the winners of the blog drawing. It was so much fun! We met new friends, got reacquainted with old friends, and served lots of unique pizzas like our Pear Jalapeño Marmalade with Pancetta, Buffalo Chicken, Sweet Pork and Pineapple with Cilantro Aioli, and Mushroom Thyme with Fontina, just to name a few.

Curtis managed the oven like a pro and was charming as ever! So was our grandson, Oliver. My bestie, Renee, was by my side stretching dough and creating pizzas. My sweet friend Lisa took some great photos of the event, but I am only including those of family and pizza because nobody likes seeing pictures of themselves eating. Right?

Custom Oven Door

We are very fortunate to have some talented craftsmen in our family. Our nephew Jordan, is an artist working in metals. He surprised us just before the Fourth of July with this beautiful custom door. How lucky are we? Thanks again, Jordan!

More Concrete

While we were entertaining on the patio Friday night, our friend Dustin Scott and his crew were completing the concrete in front of the barn, as well as a pad out the backdoor and an extra slab for an additional pizza oven. Before we took pizza out to them, I think they had eaten their weight in fresh raspberries from the nearby patch! We could not be happier with the concrete.

I repurposed this trough from behind the barn and Curtis made the base from an old timber.

Raspberry Patch

Our raspberries this year are unbelievable! We have picked over five gallons so far and have at least that many more still to ripen. Some of my pickers, who shall remain nameless, eat more than they ever put in the bowl. It's impossible to walk past without popping several in your mouth!

In addition to eating handfuls fresh off the vine, I have made several batches of freezer jam, milkshakes, and my personal favorite, this Raspberry White Chocolate Bundt Cake.

Life is good and summers in Idaho are the best!

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