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June 21, 2018
The Gathering Barn

Barn Update

We have been working nonstop on the barn the past few months! I'm loving everything about it, especially how magical it has felt working inside as the rain beats on the metal roof. Truthfully, I even have loved the goosebumps when the wind howls and causes the branches of the overhanging trees to scratch eerily across that same metal roof. Old barns are just special.

Here's what's been going on.


We have completed the concrete, with the help of our friend Dustin. It looks amazing, so great in fact that we have decided to pour a complete pad in front of the entire barn. This will help keep it clean inside and give more space for the fun to spill out.

Modern Door

The new door is AMAZING! We had this exact door, only smaller, on our Westmoreland garage and loved it. We thought is was the perfect modern statement on this old barn.


Both side of the loft are framed and sheeted, as per the specifications of the Structural Engineer. I finally felt brave enough to climb up and check it out and I love the view.


We have opted for a short center staircase to a landing and then two separate staircases to either side of the loft. I can already picture our family reunion pictures here, and maybe even a wedding celebration.

And the fun continues......

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